So this is the beginning. The beginning of a beautiful friendship. One that I hope will last a life time. Welcome to my travel blog everyone! Here I will post my findings and memories of past travels. Hopefully I’ll help some folks and hopefully I’ll get famous- well, I probably won’t but all I know is that this is a big step in a big direction that I’ve been working towards for the majority of my adult life. I want to travel and heck! I’m gonna do it! For right now I’m going to remain in the U.S. but eventually I’d like to make it across seas. I’m a writer, a thinker, and I’m always trying to find a story in whatever moment I find myself in.

So, for the first entry I will write about the unknown, and most likely, the unsought out town of Claysville, PA. I hope you all will find my expeditions interesting because I hope to venture out to towns and events people don’t usually know about or really seek. So, with that, see you laterz alligators!


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