Homegrown. Asheville, NC.

I stayed up till 3:00am last night. Not because I was out partying until. the. break. of. dawn. cause baby got back! But actually I read this terrifying/disturbing article on The Conjuring and what it was really based off of. It scared the *bleep* out of me so I couldn’t even think of falling asleep.

I think staying up late and then trying to function correctly the next day is one of the biggest fights I’ve ever had to fight, but a war well fought is a war… Well, I don’t know cause I don’t find war to be particularly good. So, what I’m getting at is that there was Asheville. Asheville was my great fight. But don’t get me wrong, I love Asheville!


Jesus loves you and wants you to get some good food! A piece of artwork at Homegrown.

I went with my parents mainly to tag along as they went to an auction house to look for something dusty. When we got there I felt like surrendering to my eyelids but for some reason I woke up once we stepped into the restaurant.

Today we went to Homegrown, a restaurant set in the rolling hills of Asheville, NC that serves organic, locally grown food. At first it looked like some small shack next to other randomly owned businesses, and you know what? It actually is kind of that but it’s one of those places that make you wonder what you just stepped through cause the inside doesn’t match the outside. We could barely see it in the car too. If my Father was going regular speed we would have flown past it.



Anyway, inside there is the menu, on the wall, written in chalk. It was a cute little work of art. Everything on the menu sounded pretty good. My father and I had the “philly” cheesesteak and my mother had the pulled pork tacos. I wouldn’t recommend what I got… It’s the worst sammy to get if you were on a date.

I repeatedly had to pull the gobs of steak apart with my teeth as it would flap against my chin. I looked like a caveman. The cheese wasn’t even melted onto the sandwich, oh, and the bread was stale. I know this all sounds like I’m bashing the restaurant but I’m not. It was just the sandwich, I swear! I did like the pomme frites (fancy french fries) though!


I wish we could all give a round of applause to that little penguin with the glasses.

Aside from all that, the atmosphere of it all was wonderful. The eclectic farmer is what I would characterize it as. I enjoyed it all whilst listening to “Weird Science” by Oingo Boingo playing through out. I’d give it all another try to be honest cause after some researching the place apparently what I got was not the delicacy. It’s there buttermilk fried chicken, and cheese grits. So, go there. Get that. And thank me later. The ambience, the service, and I’m sure the food, was all great.


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