Bleepin’ hot in Charleston, SC.

So for a brief moment the other day I saw the light at the end of the tunnel when I got done with my post on Charleston… And then it was gone. All of it. With the slight of hand touching the track pad it was deleted. I couldn’t write anymore for the rest of the day because I was so angry with myself. But alas, here I go again.

So, all the stereotypes of Charleston or of the South’s weather is true. It’s bleepin’ hot. And it gets worse with all the humidity. I went down on Thursday afternoon on the coat tails of my Aunt because of a meeting she had on Friday.

So weekend trip to Charleston?

Heck yeah! I jumped on it like most of us would. That afternoon I got bored out of my mind in the conference room trying to help my Aunt and one of her co-workers set up for the meeting but once the sun set we finally went out to dinner.

We went to Charleston Crab House and I had the shrimp n’ grits. Now, I’m not much of a grits person but these were actually pretty good with the bits of shrimp and sausage smothered by some sort of gravy, all of which put me in a slumberous state… but in a good way. What are grits made out of anyhow? The restaurant was a regular sea baring joint claiming to have “the best shrimp n’ grits in Charleston” so with that, I truly believe they do.


One of the views from the Charleston Courthouse conference room. 

So for the next day I’m going to have to ask you to bare with me. It was long day… It all started off with me going down to the gym at The Mills House, one of the most ritziest hotels I’ve ever been to by the way. It had marble flooring at the concierge and crystal chandeliers in the elevators- snazzy.

I ran for 3 miles on the treadmill then decided to stop because heck! I have a huge day ahead of me! So I go back to my room and get so fresh and so clean clean but all that was done in vain, Folks, because once I stepped out the door of the hotel I was slapped in the face by the sun and it’s good friend humidity. I had to make a full day of this too. There was no going back to the The Mills House on the account of we were done with that hotel and moving on to another. I had to some how become friends with the sweat tickling my back.


None other than the Mills House. You can feel the a/c bursting from it’s windows.

So for a start I had planned on going to obscure places, trying obscure stuff, eating at obscure restaurants but it didn’t pan out that way. I actually went to one of the most sought out places in Charleston. King Street. Now, if you’re a girl, like me, who enjoys the idea of window shopping, King Street is the place to do it. I probably walked in and out of every interesting looking store just so that I could beat the heat too.

After walking around the whole length of King Street I finally decided it was lunch. I went to this place called Whisk on Meeting Street across from the City Market. Okay, so this was probably the worst part of the day. Yeah, even through all the walking and beating of the heat it was still the worst. I walked in and took a look at the menu and decided to get a sandwich. To the dismay of the cashier I was ready to order. She looked at me like I had ruined her day- like I had killed it. Didn’t ask me if I wanted anything to drink, or if I even wanted a side and simply gave me a to go order. I guess she wanted me to get the bleep out.

Once I finally got my order I asked if I could have a bag… and never got one. So I got the bleep out of there and made my way to make it like a homeless person and go eat in some park. Now, if it wasn’t for that to go order I probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon the cutest park I’ve ever seen called Washington Square Park. It’s dedicated to none other than President George Washington. Right down from the trees to the miniature National Monument sitting in the middle of the park, everything is dedicated to him.


Not the best picture of me but look! I’m eating a sandwich in the park!


This squirrel and I had staring eye contest while I ate my sandwich. Oy Vey…

It’s all ironic though cause later on after lunch I decided I would get lost in good ole Charlestown and stumbled upon the Heyward- Washington House. A house where George Washington was entertained in. I would recommend the house if you are interested in antique furniture and signers of the Declaration of Independence. It’s all interesting, really. Tours are cheap and if you’re lucky like me you might get a private tour and ask what ever you like.

So after that I literally did get lost in one of the cute neighborhoods surrounding the downtown area. I had no idea where I was so I decided to head towards the sea. I stopped and rested in The Waterfront Park next to The Battery.

There I found I had a blister on my foot and that I could feel the wind much better if I put my hair back. I sat for a good half hour until I had to meet up with my Aunt for dinner. We went to a local joint called Jestine’s Kitchen. It’s a great place to go to on Meeting Street. It’s quiet and down to earth and away from all the touristy stuff. Half the menu is fried though but if you’re like me and didn’t give a bleep cause you were so bleepin’ hungry from all the bleepin’ walking you did then fried is better than nothing. I had the fried oyster po’ boy with cole slaw. It was delicious.

Everything that comes out of that kitchen is home cooked, I’m sure of it! The prices were also surprisingly low compared to every other restaurant in Charleston for dinner time. So after dinner we went to Paulo’s Gelato on John Street and then decided to do what every tourist would do and went on a ghost tour with Palmetto Carriage Tours. I would recommend one of these tours simply because it’s chalk full of history and spooky stories but I wouldn’t recommend taking kids under twelve. Just trust me on that. Don’t do it.


One of the many gravestones in Charleston. “Beard. you are beloved, a doer of the word.” Must’ve been a very accomplished beard.


I didn’t go in here but I did walk by it and someone lives there too! Aye!

So moving onto Saturday, the height of the day was Charles Towne Landing. A state park with history trails to send you back into 1670 when the English settlers came to, well… Settle, and set up shop to plant their cash crop.

I’d recommend wearing some comfortable shoes and piling on the sunscreen plus wearing some shades cause you’re in for a walk. That night we went to East Bay Deli for dinner. If you love sandwiches then that is the place to definitely go. That’s all they serve, and it’s like every kind of sandwich imagined on the menu. I should just rename this blog Sandwiches, really.


Random/beautiful tree grove at Charles Towne Landing. I found it when I got lost… On the trail. 

So for the last day, Sunday, we went to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. It was a pretty beautiful house and the gardens were alright but I’d say go in the spring time when everything is actually blooming. The house tour was great though. It’s nestled right next to the Ashley River, and it even contains Civil War photographs from Mathew Brady. Blew my mind. But if there was one plantation I would highly, highly recommend it would be Drayton Hall.

I’ve previously gone there before this particular weekend but I just have to talk about it. It just opened its doors 30 years ago but it’s probably one of the oldest houses in South Carolina. Still standing from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, earthquake of 1886, Hurricane Hugo, plus all the urban development surrounding it. The place is preserved rather than restored unlike most of the houses on the Ashley River Plantation District. Just go there and thank me later.


The Ashley River next to the gardens at Magnolia Plantation.

So that was my weekend in Charleston. Bleepin’ hot and tiring but I wouldn’t exchange it for any other time going out there.


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