Searching for Steve Martin in Brevard, NC.

There comes a time in all our lives when we all just need to take some time and sit. Just sit and search. For me, it’s sitting in a car while the dense cumulation of trees fly past me. My Dad drives, my Mom talks, and I sit and search. On this particular day it was in Brevard, NC. I wasn’t searching for anything in particular but I couldn’t help but think about Steve Martin. Legend has it that he might have a place in Brevard.


Steve Martin probably has the best view ever.

I daydreamed about what I would do if I saw him and how awesome it would turn out. By the time we got to our destination I already forgot and was thinking of only what my food might taste like. It was Labor Day and so my family and I made the jaunt to the Hobnob.

It’s a quaint, eclectic restaurant set in an old family home, maybe like a couple yards away from the downtown area. They serve traditional food with little spins on them. For example, I got the BLT and it had bacon, lettuce, and tomato, but also aioli and goat cheese. It was a superb sandwich but a little too crunchy from the french bread they served it on. My Father got Kobe beef sliders, and my Mother got the green tomato soup, and crab meat po’ boy. All were pretty great.


Hobnob! We ate outside too.



So, moving on. After all that we walked around the downtown area and I almost got bit by some sweet looking but ferocious dogs but made up for it by petting some super awesome dogs… That’s one thing about Brevard, it’s pretty great for dogs. You’ve got the mountain air, the outdoor eateries, and the welcoming embraces of all the locals.

The downtown area is pretty cute. Random shops scattered through out, but not much were open on Labor Day. An older man played on his violin while outside of the White Squirrel Shoppe which really made it all feel more outdoorsy, and I love the outdoors.

Even after eating I kind of did hold out hope for Steve Martin… But, alas, he never appeared. He was probably in some cool house of his over looking the Blue Ridge Mountains playing on his banjo with his cool glasses, while he makes everyone around him laugh. I did spot some other mediocre, okay but whatever celebrities though… The Beatles! …On cardboard… But hey, they’re famous, right? It could count for something.


It counts.


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