Mean Mr. Mustard’s in Hendersonville, NC (Again).

So ever heard of The Beatles? OF COURSE YOU HAVE. Well it’s not my life mission to seek out anything and everything of The Beatles but hey, I found this restaurant and it’s pretty cool. It’s called Mean Mr. Mustard’s Cafe. You walk in and it’s a pretty small place, bombarded with Beatles pictures and paraphernalia. It’s a local joint and you can tell it’s been around for a while by the look of the floors, they were wood and worn. Many years of footsteps.


You get escorted to a table and find local art on the walls as well. The owner of the place was a biker/hippie looking dude with a feather looking earring hanging from his ear. Super nice though. Frankly everyone was nice.


On the menu was breakfast, soups and sandwiches. All of the sandwiches were named after songs or albums from The Beatles, including Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club which was a club sandwich piled high with turkey, cheese, veggies and a ton of other stuff. I had the Stray Cats grilled cheese. It’s funny because I have a shirt with the rockabilly bands name on it, sorry I’m not sorry, Beatles.


Afterwards, we all took a jaunt to the Hendersonville Courthouse and walked through their museum. They had a train exhibit open, as well as their Civil War exhibit. It was SUPER interesting. I’m not even exaggerating. I really enjoyed it.

All the relics are lent to the museum from a judge in the area who has been collecting pieces since he was ten. They even housed replicas of the weapon that assassinated President Lincoln, as well as other weapons that were found on John Wilkes Booth.

Oh! And who knew Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald came to the area for a little vacation time? WHO KNEW? Hendersonville is awesome.


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