Living the dream is a hard thing to do.

Lately, I can’t help but get the expectations of others out of my head. I’m an impractical person trying to live in a realist world. My parents had high hopes for me. I went to four years of film school on the plans to become a screenwriter but when I set foot in Los Angeles for the first time I disliked it. Very much.

The concrete jungle to out surmise all concrete jungles. It could’ve been the jet lag though but I just said adieu to my dreams of the silver screen and decided to become an actual writer. I just took off the screen… For right now. I love film, I love how it makes me feel, and how inspiring one thought can be and how big it can become.

Now, it takes years for one person to get to the point they want to get to in the film business. Years. And I’m talking about a regular Joe like me, not some money bags, talented Steven Spielberg who has the funds to make a movie right out of school. So I figured since it’s gonna take me this long to get to where I want to be I might as well be doing things I want to do. Like inspiring myself.

I’ve always wanted to travel/explore, and I also want to learn so many other things that if I listed them out it’d all make me look like some crazy, oscillating, dreamer. But I’ve got this once life to live and I want to see the world God has created! And I wanna share it!

I’ll always believe myself to be a screenwriter. I am one. I went to school for- I have a degree to show for it! But I just want to add on novelist, poet, and travel writer. I want to be so many things, and I want to inspire so many people. I want to do it, I have to do it, I will do it.



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