In-N-Out Burger. Los Angeles, CA.

It was a long flight. Six hours worth I believe. You’d think flying across the country wouldn’t take long but it does unfortunately. I remember opening my crusty eyes during the flight and saw all the lights turned off and everyone I had gone to school with for the past four years with their eyes closed. It was kind of surreal to think I was going to be in a city I had never gone to before with them all.

When it came down to us being an hour away everyone perked up. The flight attendants came around and started serving us all our drink of choice, crackers, and cookies. I requested for it all. I was starved.

The plane landed and we all hustled out and into the crappy LAX terminal. I felt like a zombie, an actual zombie. Does anyone else just not care about anything else when they’re tired and hungry- hangry? I always feel like I can throw on a pair of shades and tell everyone to kiss my *bleep*.

I remember walking behind a faculty members rolling briefcase. For some reason, and I have no idea why, she had to roll the thing. I stepped on it a few times too, just cause I could.


Once we all got on our designated van it was announced that we’d all go to In-N-Out Burger. My mind just thought “YES, FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD” but I had no idea what it was. Just some burger joint I’d presume.

In-N-Out Burger was the second best burger I have ever had. I bit into it and it was the first time I’ve ever had an experience with a burger. Frankly, this was the first experience I’ve ever had with a West Coast fast food chain.

Apparently there is a secret menu but it’s really just lingo on how you want your burger prepared. I learned that one night when we all walked to one at 10pm.


I did not take this picture, FYI.

In my opinion In-N-Out is the best place to go at 10pm. Quite the characters there. This older, bald cashier tried to flirt with me. A homeless teenager with aquamarine hair threw all his stuff into his book bag and shuffled off, and I remember this particularly dapper group of Latino’s that all looked awesome and done up to the nines. Well, to be honest any place is good when you’re starving in Los Angeles.


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