Maguire’s. Senoia, GA.

Well, I don’t know how to start this off other than saying I went to a bar last Saturday… Finally. Bars can be down right boring and or completely awesome but I haven’t been to any that I’ve fallen in love with.

I came close to that feeling when I went to Senoia, Georgia to visit some friends last weekend. I went to Maguire’s, an underground pub/restaurant with golden moulded ceilings.


Senoia is a small town outside of Atlanta, probably an hour away. It’s cute, and quiet. Full of little restaurants and shops, there’s even this small little rustic looking social house that I’ve always wanted to go inside of but have never had the chance too.

Also, The Walking Dead shoots around there.


The golden moulded ceilings are what set me off. They were beautiful. Liberace would’ve loved these ceilings. The booths were decorated with beer taps and speaking of the bar, it was huge, super long and that’s what she said. It was a big bar.


We sat next to this lonely looking man with a motorcycle helmet. I don’t know how we started talking to him but I just remember watching videos and looking at pictures of his daughter. I also remember this kind of snarkey looking bartender who looked at me funny when I promised her I would drink the drink she set aside for me. And I did. I don’t know what it is about bartenders. Do they all have this oath to never seem happy?


Also, the band of the night played Purple Rain.


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