A Great But Rainy Day in Asheville, NC.

I haven’t gone anywhere in a while. I went hiking last Friday up in Asheville, on the Graveyard Fields trail. It rained and I got soaked. I don’t know why I left my rain jacket in the car when there were clouds in the sky. Fog completely surrounded us.


We had to hike allll the way up there.


The look up at the falls. Ice, ice baby.


Looking down at the rest of the falls. We could’ve just slid down it.

We then went and had lunch at Homegrown again. It was actually spectacular this time. I had the fried buttermilk chicken sandwich with frites. I guess I was starving cause it takes a lot for something to be spectacular in my book.


Some random truck I found in Asheville. I don’t know why but pigs come to mind when I see it. 

After that we went to the Thomas Wolfe Museum. I’ve never read any of his books but he seemed like a grand guy. Standing at six feet, six and a half inches tall. He apparently was a very descriptive writer, having very poetic prose that takes a lot out of the reader. I feel like I can relate to that though, as a writer.

After the tour of his childhood home I spoke to the tour guide and we mainly talked about how places meant for education are now getting shut down. I feel dumb usually when I talk about government issues but I put in my two cents and felt an admiration for folks who do know what to say at opportune moments. I love history though and it’s sad these places meant to preserve and educate are getting torn away from society little by little…



Some license plates I saw in Asheville. Come on, vampires? And I was thinking GAGA X 6 might mean something about Lady Gaga but now I’m not so sure.

After all that it was time for dessert (I was celebrating my birthday early with my Aunt fyi!) and we went the Bistro at the Biltmore Estate. At first we were going to get turned down on the count of allllll the reservations they had that evening. Tables were empty, and they just opened for dinner. But alas, we got in. I had this trio ice cream thing and some hot cocoa and my Aunt had a tart of some sorts. It was great and a great way to end the day. The service at the Bistro was the only damper on the day but that’s easily forgettable.

Thanks, Aunt Sheryll!!


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