Here’s To Hoping.

Last year has ended, and the New Year has begun. There’s nothing better than starting off the New Year with resolutions, am I right? I have resolved to living life a little more grand and a little less boring. I haven’t posted much on any traveling lately… Simply because I haven’t been. I’ve been treading on the daily grind. Working my hours to make a buck so I can therefore travel!

I’ve made a few and hopefully this February I’ll be heading to the West Coast again. I’m excited because I’ll be going somewhere I’ve always wanted to go plus revisiting some places I didn’t particularly like the first time. I’m hoping I won’t get jet lag either.

My Mom and I were talking today about how this year is gonna be good, and by golly it’s gonna! I really hope it will. I’m young and educated and now all I want to do is start living my life. Seeing the world is at the top of my list and some how I’m gonna do that. Heck, I’m not updating my passport for nothing…

The New Year is here and I’m ready.



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