Edgefeild, SC and Stevie Nicks in GA.

I’m sure no one has heard of the Georgia Guidestones, so let me elaborate.

Back in high school I use to go on a lot of small trips with my Aunt to small towns or remote hiking destinations. One day before summer struck she took me to Edgefield, SC. I never heard of Edgefield and when we went I thought it would be some rinky dink old town, and well, I guess it was but for the most part it was cute. Most old towns have super small downtown areas and this one was no different. Closed buildings with broken windows, random antique stores, and some quaint diner nestled by the courthouse.


I just remember walking down the road to some antique store and walking in and finding salt and pepper shakers galore, a random porcelain duck cookie jar, and in the back yard a run down school house.



After lunch we went towards Georgia. We road through Harlem (Georgia) and thought about going into the Laurel and Hardy Museum but it was closed. Come to think about it I think it was a holiday that weekend…

Anyway, onward we went. My Aunt just drove down the road with out letting me know where or what direction we were going in. She has a habit of that.

The sun began to set and it was right at the center of my eyes when I asked where we were going. She said it was a surprise. We went down one road then turned around and went back, then turned around again. Suddenly we landed in a rocky patch for a parking lot and got out. Behind us were these long slabs of granite. Once we got up closer I noticed there was writing on them. On each side there was a different language.


I didn’t know why we were there and why the stones were there. I asked my Aunt why as well but she didn’t even know, having been there once before. The sun was getting lower and it was getting colder outside when another car parked up along side of ours. Out came Stevie Nicks- I mean a woman with blonde hair and sunglasses and a man who looked part Native American with a Native American-esque necklace on.

Now I don’t know if she was actually Stevie Nicks cause why would Stevie Nicks be in the most random part of Georgia? The lady laid a blanket out in front of the stones and put her utensils along side. She turned back to look at us and asked in a raspy voice if we mind she chant. We of course didn’t want to surpass an odd experience so we said we didn’t. She then turned to the sun and thanked it and started on her chants, thanking the weather and what not. The Native American just sat there with his sunglasses on chanting away as well.

We got back in the car and started back towards home. We burst out laughing later on down the road having tried to keep our cool but golly, the thought of maybe seeing Stevie Nicks would’ve been awesome. It’s funny, I heard Landslide today while I was working and thought of this random experience.


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