Daytona, Flo-Rida.

So these past couple of days I went to Daytona, Florida. It was quite honestly very meh. I tagged along with my parents on their way to a clock convention and found that the strip we were staying on was kind of lack in things to do except eating. It was too cold to swim and I had forgotten my swimsuit. So what else is there to do?


The first night we actually ended up in something called “The Wing House”. It was a Hooters with a different name. I honestly felt like the shriveled up piece of cheese at the bottom of the refrigerator with all these blonde, big boobied girls walking around. No one even looked at me… And it was great! Well, except for the confused waitresses wondering what this frizzy haired, grandma sweater was doing in their manaustrant (i.e. man restaurant, keep up, People!)

A few nights after that we went to a Honduran restaurant and it was really good but the service was sort of bad even with how small the restaurant was. I was disappointed. But if you ever stumble upon a vegan restaurant called the Dancing Avocado Kitchen get the vegan BLT, it was phenomenal.

I guess this mean I’ll have to return for spring break!




Sunset, moonrise.


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