3 days in Los Angeles, CA.

My father came and got me at 12:00am on last Tuesday night at the airport. I saw his car outside baggage claim when I walked by the doors. He coasted to me and I threw my luggage in. “Ole Ash” was the first thing he said to me. We hugged and off we went towards home. There wasn’t much to say except I was tired and the trip was good.

I love that effortlessly tired feeling you get when you plop into a bed that’s open armed, clean and welcoming. You pull the covers over your head and off to Dreamland you go.

L.A. was fun. The skeleton of it all is made up of older films and old history long forgotten. It’s stuffed to the brim with homeless folks, sprinkled with the ritzy rich people and the skin being the hipster trendy kids set out there with a dream and a hope that it’ll all be glamorous like the TV says it will.

It’s not.

All the good stuff is hidden in my opinion, and of course you gotta go find it. S—t rises to the top in L.A. and the awesome new thing you dropped in the toilet bowl is now up to you to find. But that being said I was a little bit between the poo and the awesomeness.


My first day I got off the plane and met my friend Chris at ground transpo. It was a breezy 63 and I was thanking God I got off the stuffy, hell like plane. For lunch we went over to Lucille’s in Culver City. In Chris’s words “It’s a southern restaurant that tries way too hard.” The sweet tea was way too sweet and for some reason the complimentary biscuits had sugar on them. The meat they marinated and sat was all in house, with the restaurant being in a mall that blew my mind. Later, we road around and tried to find Westwood Memorial Cemetery but for some reason google maps kept taking us to a random park where homeless people sunbathed. So we just decided to walk around Westwood Village where you’ll find to be pretty safe and from what I learned is a good place to start out in L.A.

Afterwards was a jaunt through Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. We walked by a green/zombie version of Michael Jackson and Jack Sparrow and made it to the Dolby Theatre where the Oscars are held every year. It was amazing to walk up the stairs to the theatre and to think that today all those talented folks are gonna be there too.


The next day I went and hung out with my other friend Ben. We went to the Griffith Observatory and hiked up close to the Hollywood sign. In the evening we drove to meet up with other friends, Nick and Noah at a mexican restaurant in Los Feliz. We only stayed for a bit but sitting there I really got a sense that L.A. isn’t only full of phonies and fakes. Some people, even though it’s people I went to school with, really do still want keep the dream alive. Films are the base of L.A. and some folks actually want to keep it that way.


After that we rode over to New Beverly Cinema. If I can say this, it was one of the highlights of the trip for me. The tickets only costing $6 and getting to see a 35mm print of Diamonds Are Forever in a theater Quentin Tarantino owns was quite special. It’s not like every day I get to sit in a theater one of my favorite directors owns.

The next day was my last day in L.A. and in the afternoon Ben and I headed out to Heritage Square Museum. It’s an outdoor museum set up to look like 19th century L.A. with old victorian houses plucked from demolition. For all the traffic we had to sit in and stare at it was quite disappointing to find that the museum was closed, only open on Friday’s and Saturday’s. On the bright side we were close to Pasadena and decided to ride over there. Being film nerds we went and found some of the houses that were used in Back To The Future. I was giddy like a little school girl.


Doc’s house!

After that though the day wasn’t over. So we headed downtown and Ben took me to the Biltmore Hotel, where the first Oscars were held. We couldn’t find the light switch in the banquet hall but I took a pretty eerie picture instead. The Biltmore Hotel was a super swanky accommodation where you really felt time stood still with the grandeur of the place. I didn’t want to leave.


And by saying I didn’t want to leave, I truly did not want to leave Los Angeles. The weather was beautiful and it actually grew on me. I came there believing I’d hate it all over again but the exact opposite happened. While I don’t believe I’ll move out there anytime soon (sorry, guys) I do believe I’ll come back for a visit again.

Things to know about L.A. before going:

-Get a car. Or rent one. Have some mode of transportation. Otherwise you fail. (Thank you, Chris, Ben and Noah, for being mine for a bit.)

-Plan to go to 7-11 and get a slushie. It’s part of L.A. Thank me later.


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