On The Road.


I read this book for the first time in the ninth grade… Or was it middle school… Aw heck, I can’t remember but I guess it doesn’t really matter since that’s not what I’m getting at. This book- and this is going to sound generic/kind of mediocre with a hint of disheartenment- this book is what got me into wanting to travel. God placed this book into my lap and said “here you go, get inspired”, and I did.

I read it and at first had no idea what the heck I was reading. It was written so differently than my teenage romance novels that I had no earthly clue how to take it all in. A friend recommended I’d read something of Kerouac’s and I was getting bored of the said teenage romance novels (I could hardly call them novels, forgive me) and wanted something new. So voila!

This book was on meeting new people and leading a life of adventure and being open to new things. I wanted that at whatever age I was and I knew that some how I’d be doing something similar. And I guess you can say I have.

I got inspired and now I guess all I’m trying to say is that we should all find something that inspires us and pursue it. Whether it be walking with the mad ones or staying up until all hours of the night staring at tumblr post. Just go do it. Love it, learn it, be it.


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