Peaks of Otter, Bedford, VA.

The nerdiest I’ll be is when I have my retainer in my pearly white mouth, glasses on my dimming eyes, and my hair wet from an early shower all while plastered up with an over sized blanket draped around my arms staring up at the starry sky.


I wish I had a picture of the stars. If there is anything that I’ll geek out over it might be the stars. I’m not some astrological fanatic but when it comes to me tilting my head to the moon I’ll let out the biggest howl to ease my excitement.

I ventured on up to Virginia again. Riding the concrete waves of the Blue Ridge Parkway we made our way to the Peaks of Otter Lodge and set up shop for the night.


At about 10:00pm our room looked like something out of a campaign for a get outside commercial where the camera slowly moves into the room with the TV left on, the covers messed up on the beds, lights left on, the window drapes drawn shut and as it moves to the doorway we see everyone sitting outside staring at the darkened sky.

I thanked God for that night, for the stars, for the darkness that looked almost blue, and for the chance to be able to witness the beauty in the daunting night.


The next day we got to the top of a 3,875 foot (or more) mountain and some how made it down the steep, rocky hike down. After that we headed down to the town of Bedford and toured around the phenomenal D-Day Memorial.


Bedford County having the most casualties than any other state in the country on D-Day they offered land to build a memorial for all those fallen in WW2. Awe inspiring, brave, and selfless young men lost their lives in this war and forever they will be remembered.

And apparently President Eisenhower liked to fly fish too.


The last two days went fast and the nights even faster. The starry skies, the summits, the remembrance all morph into one as I close my eyes on another hard earned day.


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