Good things come to those who wait.


Bulls Island, SC

I love people. I’ve got a lot of love to give and it baffles me when I’m trying to show them love and they just push it away. Almost as if it’s not good enough for them. It makes me ask “what am I doing wrong?”

I guess when it comes to giving love you have to be patient and kind and heck, think about yourself and what you really want. If they don’t care, then why should you? I’m slowly grasping this with the people I’m trying to convince of my goodness.

And I guess I should give up the convincing cause what good will that get me? We’ve all got our problems and we’re all different so what use will it come to if we make others feel inferior? We’re all important even if we’re newbs on the job or have been there for ten plus years.

Who cares with what we know or what we don’t, how we act socially or how late we can stay up? Why does it all matter when in the end it doesn’t come down to that, it just comes down to how we are as a person and how we made others feel- how we seemed to share ourselves, our hearts.

No matter if we’re just scrubbing the floors, we’re still important.


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