Hey you can achieve your dreams anywhere, anyway, and any day. This past weekend I went to a Women’s Outdoor Retreat in the backwoods of SC. There were women of all ages there and most were trying out all different types of classes to see if they should pursue them.

I took fresh water fishing, paddleboarding, map and compass reading, fly fishing, archery and survival skills. All were helpful to the max but some I wasn’t so hot on. Some of the women kicked me to the curb when it came to certain classes but in an occassional instance there are vices to the verses. Like for example, paddleboarding I excelled in. The teacher told me I was a natural while some women splashed around and struggled to stay on their boards. In map and compass reading I wanted to beat it so bad, but most of the women flew right threw it while I splashed in confusion.

Most of the women there were in their 40’s and onward. I was interested to see that they were all still pursuing these goals they set for themselves even though for some it was hard to walk, or see, or hear.

I guess what I’m getting at is that it’s reassuring to find that you can do anything at any age. You can literally do anything these days. Whether it’s finding yourself out of the woods or just learning to light a fire, you can do it.


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