Finding light in haunted hotels.

Meh, I don’t know how to start this post. I’m trying to devote my life to writing a book right now so there will probably be fewer of these post but then again it could be the exact opposite. I’m not going to dive into the topic of my future book cause I don’t want some freakazoid to steal the idea- or lack there of. Yes, I’m that paranoid! So la dee da and fiddilly dee.


Last weekend I went and stayed at a haunted hotel and found that regardless of how scared I was and how utterly tired I became I still found the hotel- the whole weekend, to be great. It was a magical weekend with relaxing spa experiences, Sherlock Holmes, and history being played out in my mind. The first night at the Inn I stayed up until midnight and woke up at four in the morning and found myself waking up completely an hour later. At the daunting time of four I remember waking up to a feeling that my knee was being touched. It scared me, yes, and I broke out in a sweat and praying that whatever I felt wouldn’t bothering me anymore.


Once the sun came up I suddenly felt relief. Ah, yes, sweet light from the sun. The light that rids the darkness from the creepy room I stayed in. It slowly pokes through the clouds and then next thing you know it, it’s there in your eyes finding its way around the drapes. Even on a cloudy day its not completely dark. There is always light to the darkness.



There, I said it. Those of us that feel like our lives are one big, dark hotel room can find relief in knowing that even though the tough times were/are hard to get through, there is relief. Whatever your personal light is, it will prevail. Whatever saves you will come trampling through and will shine in your face until you can’t ignore it anymore and you have to get up and face it for the day waits!


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