Sending smoke signals.

I met a guy at a party. Well, I couldn’t really say met. I was introduced through a friend but when I tried to talk almost nothing coherent came out and I stared straight ahead the entire time. When I caught him staring I didn’t smile- not because I didn’t want to but because I had no idea anyone would stare at me. Me? Ashley? Possibly beautiful and possibly this beautiful mans type? I had no idea that I could smile back. Nerves set in and so did the cold. Did I mention this party was in a garage at someones farm and we were all watching some bands play? Not the best place to coherently speak to one another but I failed miserably regardless.

I know hardly anything of this guy. All I know is his first name, and that his eyes were blue. One of my friends said I’d see him again but chances- my actual chances of seeing the guy are next to none. I’m really holding off on this post. I wanna see this guy again. I don’t know how I will with out it looking like I’m a stalker but you know when you want something- when God puts that want into you and you feel like you have to act on it? Well I feel that way now. Was it my nerves that made him seem beautiful? Was it the lighting? Was it the fact that I wasn’t actually attracted to him that I didn’t smile or was it the fact that he wasn’t actually attractive and I’m just floored a guy was attracted to me? He’s probably got a girlfriend and I had something on my face the whole night.


This is The Lilies & Sparrows. One of the awesome bands of the night. 

Or I’m just thinking too much.

I guess what I have to do is remain calm. If I’m suppose to see this guy again then by golly, I’ll probably see him again. Whatever lies ahead is not in my hands, and is not up to me. These kinds of moments happen to me on a regular basis and when it comes to depending on God for a way to turn I know all I have to be is patient. For good things come to those who wait. And those who wait most assuredly will find this young, blue eyed man again.


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