Staking claim in life.

My life is feeling a little out of control. Part of me really wants to find some way to escape. To just pack up and leave. Bye, Mom and Dad! Goodbye friends! Goodbye to all of it! Don’t you ever feel like you can just run away and leave everything behind? Give it all up to feel freedom and independence again? I’d love that but right now in my life I’m sticking a flag of Ashley right in the middle of it all. Staking claim, I guess you could say. Not that I want to but almost cause I need too. There will come a time in my new life I’m setting up for myself where the people around me will feel annoyed of me, or are just “over” me. I know that will happen. It always does and you know what? No one is perfect.


We all grow accustom to something and then grow bored of it. It’s all apart of life, moving on. Time creates change and changes can also bring healing. Now I might be getting a little off topic but what I’m trying to say is that there will come a day when you look back on life you were once living and ask was it all worth it? And you can say yes or you can say no. What ever the answer it all leads you to the point your at. The friends you make now might not be the friends you have in ten years. You might move away, you might get a dog, you might meet a guy or a girl at a party and fall in love and live in united monogamy, who knows, and frankly, who cares? You life is your own and we’re all crazed filled sinners trying to find truth. We’re all human, and if you wanna run, run. And if you wanna let your imperfections shine then bring it on, hombre! I’ll love you anyway.


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