Fighting the good fight.

This past week has been a tough one. Even though I try to tell everyone to shine from within and love themselves regardless of their imperfections (and you definitely should) I too sometimes fall short of loving myself. Life is hard. Things get in the way and people aren’t always nice- even people you thought were your friends. One day you love someone, the next you think they’re completely weird- and that’s normal- we all grow tired. I just don’t think you should neglect how you could possibly make others feel. Today I went to church and tried my hardest to focus completely on the sermon but my mind kept drifting to my social life, and I hate that. I hate that I allowed myself to think of other things when I should be praising the Lord. Nothing in my social life should be that important.


My problem is is that I try too hard. I’m just a lover. I love to be around people, I love it when people love me back and things go well, but ever since I was young (not to toot my own horn) I’ve known I that I’ve had a good intuition and when I’m not welcome I know. I try so hard for myself to be liked that it just comes off as me being weird and I make myself paranoid and I think waaaaaay too much. I run through scenarios, I try to think what the other person is thinking and I completely grow a mountain out of a mole hill. It’s ridiculous. But that’s who I am, and I’m happy I know that about myself. During this eventful/exhausting week I’ve gained some knowledge, not just about myself but also just general life smarts.

  • You can’t make everyone like you- or happy.
  • Life is short so you better start loving yourself now.
  • People come and people go.
  • Do NOT waste your energy on people who obviously don’t care about you.
  • When all else fails be like Beyonce.



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