Sometimes we all have to wait. I don’t particularly like the word “wait” but sometimes it’s just what we have to do. Wait for the job we want, wait for the love we want, or even wait for the sun to set on the hard day we put on ourselves. Life takes us in all kinds of directions and one day we feel bored and others we feel completely motivated. I hate to say wait for things to happen in your life but sometimes I just have to cause some things just aren’t up to me. For example I wish so badly for love to come my way but sometimes things can’t be forced, and I know that. So I wait.16205902399_ec4b87455c_o16205903169_6d167d9430_o16391203062_fecccb5a9c_o15772122363_1552b03df5_oThe saying “patience is a virtue” is said for a reason. If we’re patient then we are deemed virtuous. Virtuous is a synonym for righteous and to be righteous is to be successful. I don’t want to put the thought of not doing anything with your life to be deemed virtuous but there is a time when you should allow God to do his job. When you can help yourself do it- by all means do it, because a divine thought could be planted in your head and you should definitely act on it. Don’t be lazy but don’t force life to happen. Be yourself, be good, and be what or who it is you wish to be. Just be patient, you’re doing a good job.16206232697_fc697b02ff_o


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