I want therefore I am.

I just want to write, to read, to teach, and make enough money where I can move out. I want and want and want all the time, I never look at what I need. I read somewhere that maybe God doesn’t change our predicament because He’s trying to change our hearts.

I spoke to a friend about what we want to do with our lives and sometimes we don’t necessarily know what we want to do- and that’s okay but sometimes we never tend to look at what we need in our lives. Like maybe I need to stay at home for right now because I’m unable to see my life in a more optimistic way if I were go live somewhere else. I never would’ve come to the conclusion of becoming a professor had I lived on my own. I would not have the opportunity to save the money to go back to school either had I moved out.

Life tends to fall into place slowly sometimes but when you take a step back and look at it all you notice that even the things you want can help propel you into what you need.


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