What film school didn’t teach me.


It’s sad really, for me, because life isn’t like a movie. I sit in my bed right now thinking of my life and how lopsided and rinky dink it is. Those adjectives I don’t know how they truly describe me but they seem befitting right now.

Anyway, life isn’t a movie and this whole time I thought I’d meet my Prince Charming and start having kids. I thought I’d have the career and money I so desperately need but let’s think about it. What is life with out a little suffering?

It’s easy, and it’s boring.

It’s ironic though considering I went to film school and am considering going back to school for film studies. It’s ironic cause my life is nothing as I thought it would be. But I sit here in my bed and I think that is alright. Life is hard, and nothing ever turns out the way we planned- and that’s alright.

Just thanking my lucky stars I have a roof over my head, a job, and family and friends who support me. Thank God for that.


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