There and back again

 Well, I made it to London and back again. First I have to give a massive shout out to my host and friend, Chris, for allowing me to stay with him and hang out even though it was for a short while. London was more than I had thought it would be. A mixture of cultures and countries intertwined into one.  The past was juxtaposed to the present and some how it all worked. In this world today it’s easy to forget about time gone by and quick to move onto or keep up with the lastest trend. So when it came to visiting this city it was nice to find points of interest that were the epitome of history. But don’t get me wrong, when it comes to being innovative, original, and creative London has got that down pat too.

Big Ben? Check. Houses of Parliament? Check. Buckingham Palace? I did all that on my first day!

While I got my fill of British traditions I still got my taste of others. On the first day I stepped onto the Tube and heard Polish, next it was French- and then German. I was in awe that yes, I was that close to the rest of Europe. That even though I was in one part of the country I could still experience others.

I plan on making this place my home one day. If I could get dual citizenship of two awesome countries I’ll consider myself a lucky girl. I thank God that I got the chance to experience this place, that I had the means to travel, and that I made it back home in one piece! Golly, if anything I’m a grateful girl.

If you want to see more pics go check out my Instagram! @darlingloon


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