Out of body thoughts.

This morning I feel like I’m gonna barf. I think it was the gluten free bread I consumed. I went on a vegan diet recently and learned that it ain’t so bad. I feel a lot healthier and seemed to drop three pounds so far. While it all started on a mere whim to lose weight with one of my friends I learned that maybe if the weight doesn’t fall off super quickly then I can possibly, in the process of getting healthier, learn to love thy bod. The bod I’ve hated so much for the majority of my life has its quirks. It frustrates me yet it gets me everywhere I’m going.

It’s funny to think our bodies are a vessel. I mean, think about it, we have this anatomy and we criticize it so easily when really we should be praising it. Our bodies do what we tell them, our feet carry us places, we get to taste, smell, and touch- and even feel things with them, and don’t get me started on the brain- the freaking universe in there. I mean, how cool is that? The surface is what we’re all looking at but when you really think about it there’s more to you than cellulite or hang nails. You have the ability to do so much and feel so much that none of that stuff matters. Besides we have the ability to change our bodies if we’re unhappy. We wear clothes but we can transform ourselves just as quickly. We just gotta take a little care of our selves and then maybe we’ll be alright.

 Tanning in Isle of Palms.


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