Vacation over.

Vacation is done and I’m a sad girl. A little disappointed with how tired I feel but I guess that’s how it works when it comes to traveling. Onward to PA and back to home. It all went too quickly. My mind feels fuzzy, my feet a little swollen and my heart a little bit reminiscent of it all- already. The summer is coming to a close for me. No more vacations until, well, possibly the fall. It’s not even August yet and I miss the “go” mode a little more.

I was so giddy when it came to hopping on the plane. My smile beamed and I started to laugh cause it all felt good again. It felt right to hop on a plane and jet off to somewhere. While flying still stinks, if you’re not first class, it was still worth it when you can spend the rest of the day somewhere new. Bringing me all back to London… I’m grateful for that.

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