The official, official end.

Okay forget the last post where I talked about the official ending of the summer because this is the official, official end. It’s August, school is back in session, and fall clothes are back in stock (I know because I’m putting them back in stock, thanks to my part time gig.) I’m sorry but it’s done. I came to this conclusion as I sat in my flannel on the porch at the Peaks of Otter Lodge this past week, toasting with my hot chocolate in hand and my Aunt at my side. We said our goodbyes as the sun set under Sharp Top mountain while little fish nipped at the lakes surface.20645839121_34cfca9d39_oThe small, cool breeze brought on my fare thee wells as I thought about staying up late into the morning to watch the meteor shower and believing there wasn’t any other place I would rather have been in the still of the night. I also thought about the Taubman Museum of Art and how Vik Muniz has changed the lives of some lucky folks in Rio De Janeiro for the sake of being inventive and creative.20613017176_90b86388a3_oAnd about meeting strangers with a cause to be different. Keep on setting an example by being yourself, girl! Being like everyone else will make you the most unhappiest person ever. He said this after I decided to sample his concoction after everyone else who walked by turned him down. And I also thought of all the hiking. The endless trails my Aunt and I travel constantly, literally and figuratively, through the every day.20452522169_13df30b277_o20613004436_9e36111997_o20451196640_83ee6de2f9_oWhat an idea it is to salute the end of summer but also find that it’ll surely bring relief from the scorching heat, and make way for my favorite season anyway. Heck, I’m just going to admit it: I’m glad summer is done. Bring on the fall, bring on the apple toddies, bring on the pumpkins, soups, and long sleeve sweaters! Long live the fall, and sayonara to the summer.



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