I like daydreaming. In my daydreams I’m a strong, willful cowgirl. One that can tame any wild beast with a quiet demeanor and beautiful hair. Now, let’s be honest I’m quiet, and I’ve been told I have great hair but I’m not the strongest. Certainly not at public speaking. I know that my presence may come off as scared sometimes and yeah, I can be. Like really scared. A lot of the time I think all that stems from not feeling like I can back myself up. Unless it’s into a corner. Most of the time I feel like I can’t say anything because I don’t know enough about the subject. But knowledge IS power. It’s strength. Learning is beautiful. If you want to apply yourself, if you want to know then you can. I can.

I’ve resolved that I’m going to change this scared little part of myself. I’m going to be stronger, more womanly. I can be vulnerable, and allow myself to show those vulnerabilities but that just makes me stronger. If I don’t know something I’m going to say it. If that makes me susceptible then so be it! If I can share my insecurities then what have I got to be so insecure about?

In my daydreams I’m confident. I’m strong, physically and mentally. And yet, I’m always willing to learn.



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