AM quick thought 

It’s 1:20am and I’ve only got 10%- no wait, make that 9% on my phone. It’s dark in my room and my jaw keeps cracking from the yawns I take but man am I happy. Recently the Lord gave me a different outlook on my life. He’s made me happy. Like genuinely happy. When I was explaining how I felt to a friend I related this new found joy to taking a deep breath, and sometimes you can’t quite catch it but when you do it’s like this deep feeling in your lungs and you feel relief. I feel relief! I’ve also taken to the fact that I’m not ready for somethings in my life, like a relationship, for example. Emotionally I ain’t ready fo dat. And I’m completely okay with it.

What I am ready for is to start on this new found journey of possibly becoming a teacher- a professor. I taught some high school kids recently on screenwriting and just fell in love with it. I loved being excited for these strangers, these kids. I loved sharing what I felt passionate about with them, and it made me excited again, for life, for something else it had me looking forward too.  And I can’t wait for all the adventures too!


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