That New, New Year


Right now I’m tired. I’m done with the holiday rush from work and I’m just done. I can’t seem to keep my eyes open but somewhere deep in my soul I feel life. I feel earnestness, ardor, a zeal. I’m excited. I use to hate New Years Eve when I was a kid. It meant nothing to me but the ending of the holiday season that gave me such happiness and a break from school. Now it gives me a much needed boost to keep living life. To keep searching out the stories and finding the beauty in my surroundings- even the funny moments I feel like I miss sometimes.

The new year means a new me, a new you! Everything new! For you, and you, and you! Even though some of us all go on thinking that way it still doesn’t feel like it after the ball drops. It feels the same. But one thought, if any thought to stay mindful of is that life and the things we go through are all a process. God is working on them. Being patient after a broken heart, trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, or even waiting on that one singular moment where you feel acceptable in the skin you’re in is all a process, and it takes time. The one thing I feel most of us forget is that the new year brings time. A new, fearless year. For some that’s hard to understand but even in the hardships of life we can bring to fruition what the process is for. We just have to be patient and trust.

So tonight I’m gonna turn up J.Biebs and watch that sparkly disco ball drop and hug the people I love the most in life. To sound like the most generic blogger I’ll say “this coming year is gonna be great.” New challenges, new career, new people, places, and things. Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my, ya’ll can’t stop me now! Well… maybe you can but oh, how my thoughts soar…

Happy New Year to all of you!24093592515_ecd0c0a02c_o23228224840_99e1ecd969_o


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