Going over some Leon Bridges

25455819005_7c31bd18dd_oWe arrived in downtown Atlanta around 3:00pm and thanked the high Heavens that the traffic wasn’t what its reputation always leads up to be. Atlanta, with it’s spread out nook and crannies for all the people to hide. I’ve been to the busy city a few times, not living far from it, and always find some new part of to explore. It’s a big city alright, but it definitely has that southern life attitude luring all us outsiders in. For me it was Leon Bridges. Not that Mr. Bridges is a native or anything, he was just performing at the infamous Tabernacle, an older building restored from its Baptist Church origins to a concert hall.24829902363_c4502b5f0d_oAt around 7:30pm we stepped into the building and felt the buzz. The lives of all the performances filled my mind and senses. Wine in hand, I loved looking at how many different types of people there are. It’s weird, but I’m always amazed at how God has created so many distinctive attributes and how amazing everyone of us are. The little quips and random facial expressions, the way someone stood and the chosen articles of clothing, all of which inspired me, making the world seem a whole lot more real and intimidating-but in the way of exhilarating.

Mr. Bridges came out at around 9:00pm, I think. After watching Son Little, the opening performance, I kind of just slid my phone into my pocket and marveled at how close I was to the stage. He was a ball of energy. I don’t remember a moment of him being off key or any awkward-ness. His suit, and the rest of his band were 50’s chic and smooth, leaving me to wonder where the closest thrift store was.

All I really want to say about his performance was that it was phenomenal. I’m so use to boring, fumbled auditory, disengaging concerts that when it came to this one I was amazed. How classy, how confident, how soulful was the performance. Soul, Leon Bridges had soul, leaving the rest of us a little lighter because of it.


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