Over the course of a couple days working in North Carolina I’ve learned quite a bit about myself. First, that I eat out of boredom (and how can I fix that!?) Second (and lastly), I’m the most ungrateful person. Yeah, I don’t deserve a lot of the people, the places I get to experience, the things I can afford to wear, whatever! You name it, I don’t deserve it. My home away from home. Camino Bakery.

I slipped up tonight, I made a mistake and in return I got nothing but love. Love. Golly, it all came crashing down on me. The whole point of this thought is that no matter how hard it was to go through my slip up it still shows me the kind of love I get from Jesus. It crashed down on me like a meteorite. I’m just walking around completely unaware and BLAM! Something happens, a situation of sorts, and then I take a step back and see what’s really going on.

I don’t deserve the love and forgiveness and grace the Lord has given me. I don’t. But golly! He’s given it anyway and if I ever see you, reader who is reading this, then maybe I’ll explain the situation and you’ll understand why I’m writing this better. Until then know that we don’t deserve the goodness God has given us. We don’t. But we’ve got it regardless. My little spot in between screenings.


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