Food hangz of Greenville

So this past week or two- eh, maybe three, nope, more like a couple of months, my friend Rachel and I decided to have something I like to call #foodhangz, where we meet up at a cool “hipster-ish” restaurant or coffee house and chat. We did this in such a way that I decided to write a post about most of the places we chilled at. All of them being basically awesome in their own way. I recounted our steps and ended up in Traveler’s Rest which is a part of Greenville County but to be specific it’s not actually a part of Greenville the city- even though I’m sure a lot of people would beg to differ. 26495013883_faaa9c8d83_oSidewall Pizza Company or as most of us just call it Sidewall, is some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. They have their own rendition on the popular “Hawaiian” pizza adding jalapeno peppers to make it spicy but sweet- and recently I tried the roasted mushroom pizza, with none other than mushrooms and oh yeah, oysters, shallots, and more mushrooms- freaking delicious. I could, but don’t dare me, eat a whole pizza by myself.26495025703_4e10f121be_o ^^This is their new location in downtown Greenville. Only open at designated times. Check out their website for the deets. And yes, that is moi.26495010113_e0cb765405_oANYWAY, There’s also Tandem Creperie. I believe their name explains exactly what they serve which being crepes. All kinds as a matter of fact. From savoury to sweet, from ham to nutella. They also serve waffles, seasonal treats, and make the best lattes I’ve ever had so far. This is one place I wish I could’ve taken pictures of inside. It’s bright, it’s got light, and I feel all the more happier when I leave the place. Oh! And happiest service I’ve experienced in a long time. 27065737436_1533eb6d4b_o26495021663_f6466ab3ae_oThen I moved my way to Greer- which is still a part of Greenville County but like I said not in the city- or town- I don’t know what your definition of city is but Greenville is surely growing up. So next is Due South Coffee Roasters. Nestled in an old warehouse, with art studios and craft schools around, they grind, roast, and serve up their coffee. This is somewhere to sit and study and to chat? To be completely honest, and this is my opinion, I wouldn’t sit and chat here. The acoustics aren’t great and when they get to grinding the beans it can get pretty loud- but great ambience for sure.27004663532_76fbb5ac70_oSo Tupelo Honey Cafe is definitely a chain… But I enjoy brunch and brunch enjoys me and Tupelo Honey provides me with brunch. This southern fried restaurant was not my favorite when it first opened because of the not so great service but when I went recently I completely enjoyed my time. I recommend the Eggs Betty. Mmm-mmm-mmm!26493368564_2a94966d51_oAnd now, for the grand finale, I give you Methodical Coffee! Best. Coffee. Ever. I don’t care if you’re from the planet coffee and your blood flows with the morning nectar, this is the best coffee had by far from any place I’ve gone too. I wish I could’ve also taken a picture of the inside but I don’t know if that would’ve been legal. They’re a tiny coffeehouse hidden amongst the over growth of downtown Greenville but they’re a jewel in the land of tattooed, ambiguous, hipsterdom. I love the place.27004652072_ebbc904927_o 27004676772_652926b72c_oGreenville might be small but it’s growing, and the areas around it thrive as well. I’m excited about all the places popping up and I can’t wait to experience them all. It makes me excited yet I’m a little pensive. I don’t know if I’m staying in Greenville or if I’ll be jet setting (God willing) to far and wide places. I can’t wait to teach but I know I’ll always have home. So this is where I’ll end. God bless everyone, and have a good night!

P.S. Next up Swamp Rabbit Brewery!26495018943_58f809c1e4_o


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