It’s going to be okay.

img_1496_27220336781_oI just had a conversation, like three minutes ago, about how little I’m making. I make peanuts. Peanuts. I make so little that I can’t even afford a months worth of rent- of rent! It amazes me by how naive I’ve become to the cost of living… And yet, I’m fortunate enough to have a warm bed to sleep in, food in the pantries, and clothes on my back- all because of the generosity of my parents. Dang, we kids take, don’t we? Take, take, take, it’s all I feel like I do when I look at everything, putting it all in perspective.

But I’m lucky.

I really am. God gave my family the audacity to work hard for what they make and the generosity to share it. It’s amazing. He did that so I could get a little bit of help. And sometimes some of us get less than that. God only gives us what we can handle. He knows deep, deep down what we can handle and even though the devil may try to break that down or make us forget it, we have to keep reminding ourselves that we’re lucky… In some round about way- we are. It’s hard, its shocking, and its down right exasperating with all the tries we keep giving ourselves but that’s the thing. We’ve gotta keep trying.

The Lord provides-> we keep trying/trusting-> and we end up, ultimately, being okay. We’ve just got to be strong. We can do it. We’ll be okay. I promise.img_1443_27193693642_o


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