Update! Update! Update!

So for a little ^update^ I just want to tell all the people who might look at this blog regularly that I will be M.I.A. for a bit- try the rest of this month. I caught a few minutes in between all the work that has seemed to have been piled on me to jump on here and amend the lack of content on my blog.

Right now I’m getting schooled in grammar and punctuation- by people who speak less English than I do. I’m getting certified in CELTA and it’s hard. Hard is an understatement. I feel older some how in the course of one week- its a condensed program, a fast track course if you will, and one week feels like one month.

But even though I feel like I’m going through one of the most strenuous periods of my life I still want to thank the Lord for his goodness. For He is good. Life is hard and we stress out but He will get us through it all and we’ll be better for it with His blessings. So I’m grateful.

If you’ll please excuse me I’ll be over here learning how to teach and whatnot. Peace, everyone, and God bless. Have a happy fourth of July!! 27777797620_2c0d3158ec_o


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