In a constant state of rewriting…

I hate proofreading. I hate re-reading a story I just wrote and going through and picking out what I did wrong. Maybe it’s pride. Maybe I’m just really lazy to the point I hate re-reading… But I’m in a constant state of it.

As of right now, yes, I made it through my CELTA course (yay), I am applying to grad school. Going from one school to another! I’m actually really excited about it but it’s stressful to think about rewriting… Blegh. I wish that whatever I wrote would just come out magical and perfect like JK Rowling, Audrey Niffenegger, or Stephen King. That would be awesome, but alas, even they rewrite… The world won’t ever contend with my wishes, will it? 28087470043_4250e4fcd4_o


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