The dull lulls

As I’ve said in my Instagram post: the good, life inducing moments never seem to be outweighed by the dull, meticulous junctures that hit us in the slower patches of life. I don’t know about you but I’m in that moment.

I did a lot of boring things today. I applied to two jobs which made me revise two different cover letters. I finished a college application (which is still kind of exciting in a near future kind of way). I finished another application for a volunteer position, and I cooked (I hate to admit it but chopping, stirring, and swirling things in a pan can get boring), amongst a few other things.

I can’t help but feel like all these little moments add up to something more rewarding. I love to think that-to hope it. The little building blocks will ultimately make a tower. The amount of squats I do in a work out will ultimately lead to me having a better butt. The number of applications I get out in a month will ultimately lead me to another job. And the small action I take to change whatever is lying in my path to hinder my improvement will ultimately slip away and (hopefully) die.

Motivation is a tough thing to gather. Sometimes it’s like frying water-how someone can do it, I don’t know but it is possible! Gathering motivation to do even the small things that help us in the end is even harder. They can be dull, meticulous, and relentless but some how we’ve got to power through them because knowing that something better is to come is all the more exciting in itself. 28418772860_577c293fcf_o


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