Thinking in the woods

28726195214_02410beeeb_o The truth is I love contemplation. I was born a thinker. My mind tends to soar the highest peaks to the deepest depths of the ocean and I don’t think it’ll stop. My favorite part of this trip were the moments of immersed reflection in the midst of the burning of my legs on the steepest of trails. The forest got quiet and the wind would blow and I felt good.

I felt God with me and I was happy.

I recommend everyone to go outside and recollect. Breathe in, let it go, and keep trudging. 29270977641_7bec3b7eb1_o 29270580661_9bf1517156_o 29315918036_0a7bdbd938_o 29349217255_69a58052e5_o 29270980671_841aca4927_o


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