Being bold in the New Year

28726137404_93e4fca3c5_oI think the problem I have with my insecurities is that most of the time I feel like my weirdness is weirder than everyone else’s. And it’s not. My weirdness is accepted by loads of people. It takes time to know anyone and this year- no, right now, I’m gonna accept my weirdness. I don’t care if my coworkers, strangers, new friends, or the guy I’m talking to on Bumble, think I’m crazy.

I think I’m fun.

I’m not living for those people. I live to make something bigger than me beautiful and I’m proud of that. So excuse me, I’m gonna go dance to this song I have busting through my headphones and yes, it is 10:58 in the morning.

Thy name is boldness!28726156814_762a8fd706_o




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