Just Jump

So my last post was about conquering fear- or really just taking the steps to conquer it. No offense but I believe fear is a step towards death- now fear of God isn’t death of course (because we all need a little of that), but being in fear of trust or love, comparison or judgement, or even failure… what have you, the list could go on- is pointless. It needs conquering. It prevents us all from jumping into the water. It definitely prevents us from finding a full life. A friend in my Bible study group said that trust is one thing we need to make in us that is inherent. When dogs play catch they don’t look at the water before them or second guess anything- they just jump, with no fear.

And that’s how I want to be. Yes, like a dog. Trusting and braveĀ of whatever comes my way. Even relationships or friendships-any kind of ship. I won’t be afraid of what is in the water.



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