Tennis – Timothy

Feeling this band lately. So good!


Going to dust

So with all that has been formulating in the news lately I’ve just got to post this one video a friend of mine shared recently. It’s about how all this, all of everything, will just be…vapor, one day. It’ll all be dust and forgotten. I know that sounds depressing but let’s be honest most, if not all, the news reported these days is depressing anyway, but here’s the beauty in all of it:

All the hate, racism, white supremacy– fear, will all be gone. It won’t matter how much anyone believes they deserve or how little they got because it’ll all be taken away. In this video Michael Gungor mentions that when we pull back the camera a little bit what it comes down to is that we’re all human, specks of dust in time. None of us are that different from each other. Being white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, etc, etc, does not differentiate between what we truly are. It does not mean we get different treatment based off of our skin color.  All this toil and worry makes us weary and weathered. It breeds hate. All this fear we pent up into ourselves gives us anguish and stress.

But all of that is going to the dust.

A teacher came and taught about all this vapor like this: “come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest. (Matt. 11:28)” God’s oneness brings us all together within this vapor. ONE we are all ONE. Not separated into different groups, not defined by our flesh, but one, wholly and united by the maker of this universe. Set your mind on that.

My favorite line from this video is “life on this planet is a gift.” A GIFT. Why treat it like it’s a game, or with arrogance and bigotry? Racism is hate. Let love prevail and let it walk through the streets. Wave that banner of adulation around and spark that flame. Ignite it into your hearts and live it.